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Magnetise your water in just seconds with the MagStir Magnetic water wand stirrer.

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Magnetise your water in just seconds with the MagStir Magnetic water wand stirrer. Water is naturally magnetic, charged by the earth’s magnetic field. However, our drinking water has gone through extensive recycling and purification eliminating the magnetic field. To re-magnetise your water simply stir the MagStir Magnetic Wand in a glass of water, or any cold drink for 30 seconds. Made of the finest quality stainless steel the MagStir Magnetic Wand conceals a powerful 800 gauss magnet at the end of the wand.

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What magnetic strength do I need?
Magnetics are made up of a mixture of metals, and the unit of measurement of magnetic force is gauss.  You will find a variety of strengths on the market but for magnetic therapy to be effective, we recommend a gauss of at least 1,000.
At Bio Mag Therapy we offer various magnetic strengths enabling you to choose regular or higher strength to suit your needs.
Our best selling bracelet, the 18-link SUPER strength has a gauss of 10,200.

Will magnetic therapy work for me?
Everyone is different, with different health issues and pain thresholds, however, we believe that our range offers something for everyone.  We are so confident in our products that we offer a 90-day money-back guarantee.  If you do not get the relief you were expecting then simply return your order for a full refund (minus p&p).

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