2 February 2022

Knee pain… GONE!

Peter Walker had been struggling with knee pain since retirement and it had been getting steadily worse. He resigned himself to a much less mobile life until his son made him try something he would never normally bother with.

“I ordered a Link Bio-Mag Magnetic Health Bracelet just to keep my son happy, he’s big into things like that! Well, what a surprise I got. I put it on as soon as it arrived and to be honest forgot I was wearing it and went to bed as normal. The next morning I didn’t feel the stiffness in my knees that I was so used to. I left it on, still telling myself that it couldn’t possibly work. But a few days later, I walked up stairs and realised that I had no pains in my knees and that was the first time in months.

The cynical side in me still said it was a placebo, so I took it off for a few days, to test it out! I couldn’t believe it – the pain returned! Needless to say, I never take it off now. I thanked my son and even told my mates down the local pub about it, some of them laugh and tell me I’m mad. Who knows, it may be a placebo, but all I know is that it works for me. It made me feel like my old self again.

It’s so good to wake up in the mornings pain-free and know that I won’t have to struggle to get down the stairs. I’ve started to get out and about more and I’ve even cleaned up my old bicycle and started going out on bike rides along the coast. It feels so good to live a normal life again. I’ve been wearing it for five months now and feel better than ever, no more aching joints and I feel like I’ve got more energy.”