2 February 2022

My Arthritic pain has completely vanished! thanks to Magnetic Therapy Bracelets

Sarah & Tom Johnson have been wearing their Original Copper Bracelet for 12 months now and have never looked back. I  met with the ‘go-getting’ couple copper has been used to relieve 230 arthritis sufferers.

Sarah explained, “After just 2 weeks of wearing the bracelet I started to feel a difference, I had less aches and pains, especially in my legs and I  especially have so much more energy”.

“This was a huge improvement in her health and well- being but the results were even more dramatic for her husband Tom.

He told me “I used to suffer with really bad arthritis in my knees, but since wearing the Original Copper Bracelet the pain has completely vanished, I feel like my old self again and I am as active as ever. I feel more like 30 than 50!”

Sarah and Tom are not the only ones using copper to relieve their pain, millions of people are experiencing the same health benefits, but this is nothing new. For centuries copper has been used to relieve pain and also for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, and now there is increasing scientific evidence to prove it actually works.